Help us to plant a legacy.

As part of our 10th anniversary celebrations, we're committing to planting a new carbon offsetting forest within 15 miles of Bath.

With your help, we can make it bigger and more impactful.

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Tell me more!

We've already committed to breaking ground in 2020 - the question now is simply 'how big' can we make the project?


We have donated £25,000 to get the project off the ground. With that we can, and will, create a small woodland. However, we’d like to be more ambitious. With your help we can plant an even larger forest and inspire others to follow.

What does a Digital Technology Agency know about planting a forest? Well, not a huge amount – but don’t worry! We’re working with the amazing team at EcoWild who are steering the ship and ensuring we make the most of this opportunity. We are also working under the advisement of the West of England Nature Partnership and The Woodland Trust.

Ecowild West of England Nature Partnership Woodland Trust

Money doesn't grow on trees.

Like it or not, this project is going to cost money. So our ask of you is simple - can you, or your organisation, help us meet the targets below?



We have enough money to buy a modest plot of land and plant a small woodland.



We’ll be able to make a real impact planting over 4000 new trees - a real step in creating a new ecosystem.



We’ll be able to cross the 8000 new tree mark and create one of the biggest new planted forests in the South West.


No donation is too small - every contribution will be greatly appreciated. If we manage to break our target it'll help fund future developments of the site or allow us to create an even larger forest!

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For your information, after the land has been purchased the project and subsequent funds will be held in trust and managed by appointed trustees.

More than just carbon offsetting.


A lot of tree planting schemes are criticised as being short termist. We’re investing in preserving land and creating habitat as well as planting mixed native woodland. Unlike many tree planting schemes we won’t be chopping the trees down after 10 years.

We also hope to include a small educational space on the site which can be used for environmental engagement activities.

We hope that like us, the Bath Tech, Digital and Creative communities will feel passionately about turning words into actions.

What's the timeline?

1 Leaf

Spring 2020

Storm will purchase the land required to underpin the project.

2 Leaf

Summer 2020

The project trust will form and land prep will start with fencing and access.

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Autum 2020

Planting will begin, we hope to be able to invite volunteers to help us.

Let's talk trees.

If you want to have a chat about the project or get involved in any way, drop Storm's CEO, David, an email now. Or simply give us a call and we'll arrange to meet up!

David Kelly, CEO

Contact David Kelly

Tel: 01225 580 500

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